Tummy tuck surgery : The abdominal area is comprised of a series of muscles under a layer of fat. The muscles provide support for your body and provides the midsection a toned appearance. The fat is meant to present the skin a smooth appearance. Aging, pregnancy, and weight problems leave behind extra fat that hides the natural anatomy of the area. Abdominoplasty is usually recommended for patients who have tried to tone the stomach area but have stubborn fat that can't be addressed with diet and exercise. Abdominoplasty is commonly the sole cosmetic option for remedying fat bulges and loose skin within the midsection. The procedure can also be accustomed tighten lax muscles. Muscle tightening may help with back pain since it'll increase core support. The patient presented with dissatisfaction with a sagging abdomen, sagging and loose skin, and skin rupture after losing weight. In this surgery, the surplus belly fat was completely removed and also the result was that the abdominal muscles were completely tightened, the surplus fat was removed, and eventually, a smooth and fat-free abdomen was obtained. The sutures and incisions were worked on delicately and created within the most hidden line possible, which disappears after some months and a faint line of sutures remains, which is hidden under the garments.
Tummy tuck
The final results of tummy tuck surgery may be initially obscured by swelling and your inability
The final results of tummy tuck surgery may be initially obscured by swelling and your inability to stand fully upright until internal healing is complete
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