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Eyelash Transplant in Iran

Eyelash transplant surgery is a method to improve on the looks of sparse eyelashes which is a more permanent solution unlike lifts and extensions.

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
2-4 Hours
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
Day Case (None)
3-5 Days
Back to Work
Back to Work
1-2 Days

Eyes have a huge impact in everyone’s face and change someone’s looks drastically and that’s why eye makeup and eyelash transplants are so popular especially those which guarantee to last longer.

Eyelash transplant surgery is a method to improve on the looks of sparse eyelashes which is a more permanent solution unlike lifts and extensions if done right by a good certified surgeon.

Basically, what eyelash transplant surgery is that it involves moving hair from a different body part which is mostly back of the head to the eyelash area.

While many people consider an eyelash transplant as a cosmetic surgery it can also help people who have simply short eyelashes or suffered traumas to their eyes such as burns or avulsions which makes patients to undergo an eyelash transplant surgery.




Why people undergo an eyelash transplant surgery?

Why people undergo an eyelash transplant surgery?

As said before eyelash transplant surgery is not just for the aesthetics, eyelashes play an important role on preventing dust and dirt to enter your eyes, and you notice that if you touch your eyelashes at anytime your eyes will close and the particular reason for this is that it’s a defense mechanism which acts instinctively.

Without eyelashes eyes are at the risk of entering dusts and as a result eyes becoming red, sore and it might lead to diseases as well and affects your eye sight as well and as a result it will lead to changes in your appearance and will affect your self-esteem as well because the impact is huge.

So, and eyelash transplant will help in both aesthetics and in people who have problems regrading their eyelashes it will improve the defense system as well and will protect eyes from potential damages

Eyelash transplant is also way safer and a lot more effective than false eyelashes as they as using false eyelashes can hurt your natural eyelashes as well.

Reasons to go through an eyelash surgery

Reasons to go through an eyelash surgery

There are several reasons that make an eyelash transplant surgery needed such as:

Physical trauma

Injury and scarring in the facial area can be a result of many things such as: industrial accidents, road accidents, chemical and thermal burns, tattoos on the eyelid area and frequent using of eyelash extensions or false eyelashes which will lead to Traction alopecia are some the main and frequent reasons.

Medical treatments

Some surgical treatments for tumors might lead to eyelash removement and scarring in tissues also chemotherapy and radiotherapy which are used to treat cancer will result in loss of hair.

Other reasons are things such as compulsive plucking of eyelashes or other body hair which is known as Trichotillomania.

The congenital condition of absence of hair on all body parts is also a good reason to undergo an eyelash transplant surgery.

Pros and Cons of Eyelash Transplant In Iran

There are many pros and cons that you should know before going through an eyelash transplant surgery.


 An eyelash transplant surgery will result in longer and fuller eyelashes

When an eyelash transplant is done properly it should last for the rest of your life

Because the hairs taken are from your head, they are real unlike synthetic like eyelash extensions

Scars after an eyelash transplant surgery are usually invisible so you don’t have to worry about them


 Not all the transplanted hair are going to last

 It might take a whole year to see your new eyelashes

You have to maintain your new eyelashes by monthly perming or daily curling and you should regularly trim your eyelashes so they grow back just like the process done with hairs on your head.

The costs for eyelash transplant surgery are higher than the temporary alternatives like eyelash extensions and it’s usually not covered by insurance unless it’s due to a medical condition.

Not many surgeons do this surgery on a regular basis and you might need to travel to other countries to find an expert doctor and that is one of the reasons why you should consider Iran for eyelash transplant surgery which we will discuss thoroughly about the benefits.

Risk of not getting the looks you were aiming for

corneal irritation

Pain, bleeding, infection can also happen if the surgery goes wrong

For how long do the transplanted eyelashes last?

For how long do the transplanted eyelashes last?

An eyelash transplant surgery done by an expert doctor is guaranteed to last longer than the temporal eyelash extensions which will require constant maintenance from you every 6-8 weeks as eyelash transplant surgeries are moving hair from other parts of the body such as your head and so it’s basically a form of hair transplant surgery.

Unless a hair loss condition happens, which is rare to happen, the result of the eyelash transplant surgery will be permanent.

However, eyelashes after the transplant surgery will have to be maintained and trimmed regularly as well so they can grow.

Because the eyelashes are scalp hairs the post-surgery care in needed because they can grow in length and in various directions as well.

Side effects of eyelash extensions

As eyelashes can look great and bring more beauty to your face, they can have their side effects and issues as well and that’s why you should be aware of them and know why and eyelash transplant surgery is superior to this method because on the surface without knowing the side effects it might look like a good method which is way cheaper.

You should make sure to close your eyes to avoid getting adhesives in your eyes because it can cause problems ranging from red and sore eyes to serious burn.

Effects on eyes and skin

The glues used to attach the eyelash extensions have chemicals and ingredients in them which if you are sensitive or have allergies to them can cause you side effects that can last several days such as:


Bloodshot eyes





Inflammation or reddens of the eye

Effects on the lashes

Extension eyelashes can make your eyelashes break or be even sparser so if you’re not careful with them and keep rubbing your eyes you are in the risk of hurting your lashes.

Who needs to avoid extension eyelashes

Who needs to avoid extension eyelashes

Even if you still have reasons to choose eyelash extensions over eyelash transplant surgery you should know that people with these conditions should avoid eyelash extensions:

People who have sensitive or irritated skin on their eyelids

People who have history of negative reactions to eye drops and eye makeups

People who have alopecia areata

Patients who are undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy

People with trichotillomania

What is the process of eyelash transplant in Iran?

What is the process of eyelash transplant in Iran?

The process of eyelash transplant in Iran will start with the numbing the area around your eyelids so you won’t be able to feel any pain during the surgery.

In the next step some hair will be extracted from the back of your hair or even in some cases from your legs for creating new eyelashes.

The amount of the grafts done will depend to the reason of the hair loss and your desired outcome, so it varies from person to person.

Then the grafts will be implanted into your eyelids one at a time in a normal, natural and functional way, this procedure will take around 2-4 hours to complete.

After the procedure it’s normal to experience discomforts such as bruising and swelling around the eyelids area for around a week however, your scalp will heal soon and the crusting will dissolve in a few days on its own.

However, your eyelashes will shed in about a week or two and will be replaced by the new eyelashes which will grow in around 4-6 months.

As your hair shafts will undergo natural shredding, resting and growth which is just like hair on your scalp, you will see the final results in about a year.

The different methods for eyelash transplant in Iran regarding obtaining and moving the follicles:

The first method is “Strip Harvesting” which is also known as follicular unit transplantation, in this method a strip of hair baring skin will be removed from the rear scalp which is about 1-1.5 centimeters in size, then the follicles will be gathered from the strip with the help of Stereo-microscopes and microscopic punctures which are inserted in on your eyelids with fine needles and micro blades, even if you have a short hair the scars around the donating area will be invisible.

The other methods are the follicular unit extraction which is done by removing each individual follicle or follicular isolation in which punches within 1mm will be made in your donating area so no scars will be visible this is the same technique but overall is more time consuming.

Like any other cosmetic surgery, the results of an eyelash transplant surgery will depend on the surgeon’s expertise and as this surgery is very close to the eye it’s a delicate surgery and the experience of the surgeon will matter a lot and that’s why choosing Iran is a good option because of the expert and highly experienced doctors and it’s something that Ermateb can help you with.

The recovery process of eyelash transplant in Iran

The recovery process of eyelash transplant in Iran

The post operation cares will vary between patients with different circumstances, but the instructions will usually include keeping the eyelids dry for 24 hours and then gently washing them, the donation area of your scalp should be dry for 24 hours as well.

As your skin is more sensitive now you should avoid the sun or protect your eyes from the its exposure for about a week.

For avoiding chlorine going to sauna or pool will have to be avoided as well.

You should also avoid eye makeup and contact lenses for around a week after your surgery.

Wearing sunglasses or protective goggles are recommended as well especially in your sleep to protect your new eyelashes.

Also bruising and swelling are normal for days to a week so you shouldn’t be worry about that and the place of donation will heal as well without too much discomfort within days.

The hair will fall in around a week and then start to grow in 4-6 months and then continues to grow because this is a form of hair transplant surgery just like eyebrow transplant.

The results will appear in 12 months.


Why Iran is a good destination for eyelash transplant?

Why Iran is a good destination for eyelash transplant?

In the latest years Iran has become the hub of cosmetic surgeries in middle east which attracts many people around to world to come to Iran and undergo their cosmetic surgery such as eyelash transplant surgery and there are many convincing reasons for it such as:

Iranian surgeons for eyelash transplant surgery

As the demand of cosmetic surgeries in Iran is up, the doctors are always busy on a daily basis with patients who come from the other countries because of their high expertise and experience.

The majority famous Iranian surgeons have been graduated from the best western universities and got their specialty from there so they are certified on the highest level.

Therefore, you can leave your eyelash transplant surgery to the hands of expert Iranian surgeons whose experience, expertise and name are known around the world.

A good destination for tourists

Many people who come to Iran for cosmetic surgeries will enjoy their time here as a tourist too, because you will be entering to the country of one of the oldest civilizations in the whole world, with some cities which present the Iranian culture like Yazd or Shiraz and Kermanshah that present you the oldest original architectures and monuments which are left from the ancient times, or even the food and the people’s culture which are new to many people, so it would be a memorable trip for you as well.


Cost Of Eye lash Transplant in Iran

Cost Of Eye lash Transplant in Iran

Iran is the cheapest country you can go to for cosmetic surgeries such as eyelash transplant but this low cost doesn’t mean that the quality is low, in fact the quality of surgeries in Iran rivels those in other countries such as united states because of the doctor’s expertise and most of them having studied in western universities.

Like other countries the cost of an eyelash transplant in Iran can be a flat fee or depending on the number of grafts but in average the cost of eyelash transplant surgery in Iran is around $800-$1500 depending on the doctor and the medical facility you go to.

Who is the ideal candidate for an eyelash transplant in Iran?

The ideal candidate is someone who has sparse eyelashes but doesn’t like temporary solutions like eyelash extensions and is looking for a permanent solution, it’s not recommended for people who have poor donor sites because of hair loss due to medications or stress.

How can I arrange my eyelash transplant in Iran?

 How can I arrange my eyelash transplant in Iran?

Many people are stressed with going to another country for their cosmetic surgeries because they are worried about how to arrange and going through its procedure and in case of Iran, not knowing the language.

But this is when the health care facilitators come to play and show their important role, Ermateb which is a leading medical facilitator in Iran will help you with everything from the visa, booking the flight, transportation, the hotel and having an interpreter as well, for consultation you can contact us with our communication ways like WhatsApp and website’s online support.

Why choose Ermateb for eyelash transplant in Iran?

Ermateb is a coordinator in the industry of medical tourism and its main goal is providing the best medical services with the top-notch quality of clinics and doctors it has gathered.

We consider the wellbeing and comfort of our patients to be a critical point to provide the best medical services to our patients in the medical tourism industry.

You will undergo your surgeries through the top clinics with the most professional doctors who are each the best in their fields with Ermateb as the leading medical facilitator in Iran.

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An eyelash transplant surgery is very safe nowadays with the new and modern methods and it is very straightforward and effective.
Within a week of the procedure your eyelashes will fall and they will grow in 4-6 months but the final results won’t be apparent after a year has passed.
Absolutely, eyelash transplant is done by real hair so it can grow and curl like natural eyelashes and it’s permanent unlike eyelash extensions.
They are permanent unless some hair loss condition happens which is very rare.
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