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What is Realy Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty or Piezo Rhinoplasty | Costs, Benifits Before and After

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a sort of new technique. In this technique instead of hammers, raps, and surgical chisels use sound waves.

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
1.30-2 Hours
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
2-4 Hours
1-6 Months
Back to Work
Back to Work
9-12 Days

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a sort of new technique. In this technique instead of hammers, raps, and surgical chisels use sound waves. This wave affects bones, and cartilage and causes different appearances.

Forasmuch as ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a less invasive method,  so some patients are curious to know more about that. Patients who are looking for a more attractive face and want to undergo rhinoplasty with a safe and more comfortable tend to use this method. If you are interested to know everything about ultrasonic rhinoplasty we recommend reading the article which is provided by Ermateb to the end.



What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

What is ultrasonic rhinoplasty?Ultrasonic rhinoplasty which is called Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty or piezo rhinoplasty, is an effective and revolutionary method to change the shape and size of the nose. Piezo rhinoplasty compared with traditional rhinoplasty has fewer risks and complications.

As you know traditional rhinoplasty is totally invasive technique. During the nose job, the surgeon at first creates an incision and then reshapes the bones, and cartilage with hammer, rap, and chisels. But in this technique, sound waves with high speed affect the bones and cartilage.

Piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a safe, accurate, and selective approach. In this way does not damage the soft tissue around it. the surgeon just focuses on the desired area and achieves a satisfying result. Patients after the piezo ultrasonic experience fewer complications like pain, bruising, swelling, and trauma.

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 In some cases who have special conditions or they want delicate change ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the best option.  Changes are made with the Vibration of a high-speed sound wave is efficient and accurate and the most sensitive surgeries are done with that. Also, the risk of revision rhinoplasty reaches a minimum.

How does work piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

How does work piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty?



the surgery is done with a special instrument called a piezoelectric. This instrument cut the bones ad cartilage with delicacy.

At first, is made an incision to expose bones and cartilage. Then the surgeon uses the instrument to cut the bones and cartilage. In this step, the nasal hump, nasal bridge, or any unevenness is removed. May the surgeon put implants inside the nose. Finally, the incisions are stitched to reduce scarring. Piezo rhinoplasty lasts for 1-2 hours.

Pros and cons of ultrasonic rhinoplasty

These days this new method has attracted more attention to itself. Because of more precise results and a more comfortable recovery period, it can be considered a serious rival to traditional rhinoplasty. However, each surgery always is associated with risks and complications Here we mention the pros and cons:


•Less trauma

The main problem in traditional rhinoplasty which is trauma will be solved in ultrasonic rhinoplasty. Generally, less damage is done to soft tissues which leads to less pain, bruising, and swelling.

•Comfortable recovery period

Patients experience peaceful days after surgery. They get ready to work and daily life earlier.

•Shorter surgery time

piezo ultrasonic often will be shorter than traditional rhinoplasty. For patients who are concerned about being in the hospital for long hours and anesthesia after surgery, it’s better to perform with this procedure. On the other hand, it’s too clear short surgery time leads to a shorter recovery period.

•Natural result

As mentioned before ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a technique with high accuracy so the result is more natural and desired. This method provides a possibility to create fine change. Patients who want to reshape their noses without the result being obvious are suitable candidates for this method.

•Removal of breathing problem

this method can improve breathing problems. Sound wave ultrasonic affect inside the nose and improve airflow. So issues like as congestion, deviated septum, or hard breathing are removed.

•Selective property

The ultrasonic device has a power effect on a specific area without damaging other areas. surgeons who use this procedure are more confident about the result. because the surgery is going on precision and controlled to achieve satisfying results.

•Less scar

This is the main advantage of piezo rhinoplasty which allow for the best result with minimal scarring. The incisions made during the surgery are less visible, so patients should not worry about scars.

•Individual approach

this unique property that allows according to the patient’s condition to be considered an individual approach. in this method, the surgeon cares patient’s needs and aims. In other words, surgeons apply desired change precisely and reshape the nose.

•Use of waves

For patients who have a phobia or any fear of traditional surgery tools, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is the best choice. In the new technique instead of raps, hammer waves are used which is safer. It means has less risk and can calm them.


•Limitation in procedure

just patients can use ultrasonic rhinoplasty who are suitable candidates for open rhinoplasty because the instrument of ultrasonic needs a large space. So patients who are candidates for closed rhinoplasty can’ use this technique.

•More swelling

•You should know there is a probability of more swelling in a few days after surgery.


Who are suitable candidates for ultrasonic rhinoplasty?

Who are suitable candidates for ultrasonic rhinoplasty?


It’s worth mentioning, all of the patients  who want a more harmonize face and precise result can’t operate with this procedure rhinoplasty, here we review some of the most important these conditions:

•People who in terms of health are in a good mental and physical situation 

•The patient must be eighteen years old. Patients under age are not performed with this technique.

•Patients who have strong addictions to smoking and drinking are not suitable candidates for ultrasonic rhinoplasty. The surgeon asks you to avoid smoking for four weeks before surgery and six weeks after a nose job. Because smoking delays the healing process and increases the risk of infection.

•Patients have humps or nasal bumps or any unevenness bony on their nose because ultrasonic rhinoplasty affects significantly bones and cartilage.

•Patients have breathing problems like deviated septum, nasal congestion, and snoring.

•Patients who need revision rhinoplasty or have had traumatic damage previously.

•Cases who have diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, or heart disease are not allowed to do ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

•Patients who have overweight are not proper candidates. Surgeons believe cases with body mass over 30 should not use this method.

•Patients seeking more precise, and delicacy are the best candidate for this procedure.


Risks of piezo rhinoplasty

Each surgery is always associated with risks and complications despite ultrasonic rhinoplasty among other procedures seems safer, nevertheless, there are risks you should know.

Disturbance in breathing

If during surgery a lot of part of the inside the nose that includes cartilage and bone is removed causes disturbance in breathing. This complication can become a big deal. In some cases, surgeons suggest revision surgical.


Infection is a common complication in surgery also that is observed in piezo ultrasonic. To treat infections often prescribed antibiotic. Sometimes needs additional surgery. therefore surgeons have strongly emphasized to taking medication before and after surgery without missing a doze.


However low bleeding during each surgery is totally natural. But if bleeding is over more than the normal amount it can be a sign of rupture and injury of the vessel.

Nervous damages

Some patients react to instrument ultrasonic rhinoplasty. They experience weakness in the nose, numbness, or tingling after the nose job. Usually, this complication is temporary and is removed after a while but in some cases becomes a permanent issue.

Septum damage

Septum damage or perforation septum happens unintentionally during piezo ultrasonic rhinoplasty. The result of septum damage includes pain, breathing problem and bleeding. The surgeon to repair the septum has to do surgery again. 


It is true, ultrasonic rhinoplasty is a technique to achieve accurate, desired, and subtle results. But if your doctor is not skilled and experienced may your nose changes to an asymmetrical and unnatural nose. To remove the asymmetrical appearance you are involved in the revision rhinoplasty process.


 In Ultrasonic rhinoplasty, less incisions are made, compared to traditional rhinoplasty incisions are counted as important problems. So can be concluded scars in this way reaches a minimum, nevertheless, the scar is still observable. if the incision is not made skilled or the patient has any allergic or keloid scarring this complication that would be annoying.


Hematoma is more advanced bruising. Processing blood collection is called a hematoma.it is different from blood clots. May hematoma leads to blocking of the airway.


Collection of fluid under the skin called seroma. Seroma similar to a cyst and fluids are inside come out of the incisions. these will appear 7-10 days after ultrasonic rhinoplasty. Usually will absorb into your body and they can be painful.

Not healing the bones

When we talk about not repairing the bones we mean mostly healing correctly. About six weeks take to bones stabilized in the right place and the patient observes the desired result. But in some cases might bones not heal or stabilized. This complication needs more precise analysis.


Necrosis is a rare complication. Smoking, pressure on the splint, and removing fat tissue too can effectively create it.

The recovery period after ultrasonic rhinoplasty

The recovery period after ultrasonic rhinoplasty


Recovery time for ultrasonic rhinoplasty will be shorter. The range of time for healing is two or three weeks. However, seeing the final result needs two to three months.

There is a timeline that matches most patients. Knowing and following the instruction keep avoid you from complications. During the recovery period, you have regular appointments in order to check your healing process. Your nose in terms of physical will be examined. In addition to more precise checking X-ray and CT scans will be used.

Here most important tips:

•Use a cold compress

Putting a cold compress on your nose helps to reduce swelling. Be careful not to put a cold compress on the nose for long hours.

•Keep your head up

Kipping elevated the head decreases swelling and inflammation. For sleep use two or three pillows. Sleeping on your back with keeping up your head helps to resolve any swelling. You should not sleep on your front or in any position that imposes pressure on the nose.

•Do not blow your nose

Blowing is forbidden for a few days after surgery it causes bleeding.

•Avoid exposing sunlight

Exposure to the sun increases the risk of pigmentary changes. Also, UV waves have a negative effect on healing.

•Do not wear glasses for two to three weeks.

•Do not smoke and drink.

Both of them can delay the treatment of the wounds and increase the risk of infection.

•Avoid strenuous activity

Any strenuous activity that can increase the risk of bleeding should be stopped. Avoid activities such as lifting, carrying heavy stuff, bending, running, and other activities that affect the blood supply.

•Take your medication

Medications that are prescribed include painkillers and antibiotics. It is necessary to take the medication on time. remember do not medication containing aspirin or other blood thinner medication.

Don’t take any medication containing aspirin or ibuprofen

•Avoid sexual activity

At least for four weeks, sexual activities should be restricted.

•Drink plenty of water

•Use a saline spray to clean inside the nose

In most cases following instruction is an important part of treatment that lead to the desired result after ultrasonic rhinoplasty.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty vs traditional rhinoplasty

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty vs traditional rhinoplasty


Both techniques are used to change the size and shape of the nose. In the piezo rhinoplasty method, the bones and cartilage are corrected without injuring the other tissue. Traditional rhinoplasty can damage the soft tissue around the bones and cartilage. Piezo rhinoplasty is a new approach with highly accurate, good results and less pain.

In the table below the main differences between the two techniques are shown.

The result of ultrasonic rhinoplasty

The result of ultrasonic rhinoplasty



this kind of rhinoplasty has incredible results. This method of altering the nose size, angle, and nose shape accesses desired result. Each of the parts changed precisely and controlled. 

Considering needs and goals, patient can perform  this surgery to achieve these goals:

Removal of the bridge, bumps, humps, or any unevenness           

Alteration of shape and symmetry

Improvement of appearance with the subtle change

Changing profile lines

Nasal tip refinement

Modifying breathing problem

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty cost

PiezoUltrasonic rhinoplasty cost


As it said before piezo rhinoplasty is a newer method that has advanced instruments and needs special training,  therefore this is predictable this technique is more expensive compared to traditional ultrasonic. In addition, The cost of surgery depends on factors like country, location of hospital or clinic, surgeon level, and difficulty of procedure.

Forasmuch as piezo rhinoplasty is considered safe, accurate, and advanced it is reasonable for hospitals to receive more fees for doing that.

Keep in mind, this method often is shorter it’s means you spend less time in the operating room. So you pay less and save money. In traditional rhinoplasty procedures will be longer therefore you might spend more hours in the operating room.

In the table below ultrasonic rhinoplasty cost in top countries in terms of plastic surgery provided. (costs are estimated)

Traditional rhinoplasty cost Ultrasonic rhinoplasty cost Counrty
4500-11000 5000-12000$ USA
5000-9000 6000-10000$ UK
6000-14000 8000-16000 Ausralia
5000-1000 6000-11000 Canada
2500-3500 3000-4000 Turkey
1400-2000 1800-2500 Iran


Ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Iran

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Iran


Iran is as known the capital of surgery plastic. If you decided to do ultrasonic rhinoplasty think about Iran as a serious option. Skilled and experienced surgeons working in clinics and hospitals provide the best result with minimum risk. On the other hand cost of surgery is really affordable.

The cost in Iran approximately is about 1490 $ (1450 €). This amount is variable and factors like as difficulty of the procedure and additional surgery increase it.

Sum up

piezo rhinoplasty becomes a popular procedure too soon.  It seems in the next few years traditional rhinoplasty is not a top option anymore. Innovative method and precise result in new method leads to a patient having more tendency to use this procedure.

Patients who performed with piezo rhinoplasty can see outcomes sooner and they resume normal activities a few days after surgery.

the new technique also is an effective way to improve breathing issues and correct the structural problem.

Choosing the best surgeon is the determinative step, so if your surgeon is experienced you facing with less risks and the outcome will be more satisfying.


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Of course Not. Nose job, these days, is one of the most trouble-free surgeries, particularly for prolific Iranian surgeons that normally perform 50-100 operation during a month.
As a matter of fact, it depends on the surgical technique that the doctor applies subject to your nose type (fleshy or bony). .However, the surgery typically takes approximately 1-2 hours
First of all, you will not feel any pain during the operation because general anaesthesia would be administered. Secondly, the pain experienced after the surgery when regaining consciousness may be different for each individual which mostly relies on one’s pain tolerance threshold and the surgery method you underwent (close or open). Yet there’s no need to worry, as you will be provided with proper medication prescribed by the doctor to ease your post-operative pain
Generally, the majority of the nose swelling should begin to subside within 3 days and you can resume normal activities slowly. Most people can get back to work after 1-2 weeks, depending on the type of work. Nevertheless, don’t forget to consult with your doctor if you are going to do vigorous activities or sports such as lifting, pushing, etc
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