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Rhinoplasty For Wide Noses : Every Thing you Must Know

Having beauty and harmonized face has always been considered human. Nowadays with the progress of science, this wish has become to accessible aim.

Duration of Procedure
Duration of Procedure
1.30-2 Hours
Clinic Stay
Clinic Stay
2-4 Hours
1-6 Months
Back to Work
Back to Work
9-12 Days


Having beauty and harmonized face has always been considered human. Nowadays with the progress of science, this wish has become to accessible aim. Among plastic surgery, rhinoplasty or nose job has particular importance. rhinoplasty is one of the most effective surgeries that can transform the face. In fact, the result of a nose job is worth doing.

Among cases who are interested in getting rhinoplasty,  there are patients with wide noses. Maybe it seems the condition of surgery for these cases is different. In this article, we have provided comprehensive information about rhinoplasty's wide nose.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery that is done to change the shape and size of the nose. This surgery can create a good change in the shape of the nose and appearance.

During the surgery considering the condition patient, the skin, cartilage, and bones are altered. After rhinoplasty can be expected defeat and deformity and even structural problems such as hooked or droopy, deviated septum, problem nostrils, and breathing difficulties are removed.

Rhinoplasty is performed by two methods although there are other procedures, but we just explain common methods.

Open rhinoplasty

This procedure is kind of stronger because the surgeon makes a big incision. The incision exposes completely skin, bones, and cartilage. The surgeon sees and accesses whole parts of the nose therefore desired changes are done with ease and more confidence. here we mention some advantages of this method:

•Access to the entire nose

•Correcting damaged noses

•Using grafts and prostheses

Closed rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty, subtle and limited changes are applied. The surgeon makes a smaller incision through the nose. So it can be concluded there is not enough precision. achieve good results is more difficult. If you are a proper candidate for closed rhinoplasty make sure your surgeon is experienced because in this procedure experience surgeon has an important role. advantages of closed rhinoplasty include:

•Less swelling and bruising 

•Making fewer incisions

•shorter Operation time 

•Fewer scars and stitches

•Shorter recovery time

For more information about open and closed rhinoplasty tou can read this aricle open vs closed Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty wide nose

A wide nose is one of the defects on the face, and people who have this problem want to solve it with a nose job. Wide nose is mostly due to genetic issues and ethnic groups, however, it is also observed, as a consequence of previous rhinoplasty or the shorter nasal bridge.

There are several ways to perform wide-nose rhinoplasty. The anatomy and changes you want determine which is the suitable approach for you. The surgeon after precision examinations and talking with you recommends the best way. Here we discuss three main methods:


In this method, the wideness of the nose is considered due to the wideness of the bone and cartilage at the top of the nose. So in order to correct the shape of the nose nasal bones are broken into smaller pieces. These small pieces are removed through the outer part or mid part. Then surgeon rearranges the bones to create a new shape and structure.

Two methods open and closed rhinoplasty are useful for osteotomy but changes determine which method should be used.

Tip plasty

In some cases, a wide nose is because of the large cartilage at the tip of the nose. This type of nose also is called the bulbous tip. Factors such as genetic issues and ethnic groups play a role in the asymmetrical nasal tip. In terms of medical, bulbous tip because  of the following reason:

•Type and thickness of the skin around the nasal tip

•Much space between cartilage

•Extra cartilage

•Weakness of tissue cartilage

During tip plasty reduced nostrils, reshaped and removed cartilage at the tip of the nose but remember the bones are not altered. Therefore this way is effective and less invasive that can improve the wide nose. Patients who attend tip plasty, considering the decision surgeon can treat with open or closed rhinoplasty.

Alar Reduction or alar Plasty

Alar reduction is a successful technique to achieve a more narrow nose. This way focuses to remove excess tissue and make nostrils smaller. Also, asymmetry in nostrils or differences between the size of nostrils and breathing problems can be modified. 

Recovery time after wide nose rhinoplasty

Recovery time after wide nose rhinoplasty

At first, you should know nose job wide nose is not a very invasive technique. So sensitivity during the recovery period reaches a minimum. Surgery commences with general anesthesia however some patients need local anesthesia.

The nose job takes about two hours and no need to stay hospital, after surgery your nose is wrapped with a cast. packaging and splint are removed in seven days. During this time you have to follow exercises that are useful in the healing process without doing exercises wide nose rhinoplasty is incomplete. 

Having pain, swelling, and bruising in the first days and weeks is normal so be patient healing process takes three to six months in some cases swelling will keep for one year.

 Swelling is the most annoying complication because does not let appear the desired shape. Recommended do not be sensitive about that, you should go back to daily life and resume your activities. Like other kind of rhinoplasty notice tips that surgeon gives you like as:

•Do not smoke and drink

•Keep avoiding any strenuous activity

•Avoid unnecessary touch the nose

•Take any medication such as painkiller, antibiotic and etc

•Keep avoid travel in the air

•Do not blow your nose

•Do not move your  nose

In addition, there is a regular visit with your surgeon that you should take seriously. The surgeon checks and examines the nose and then tells whether you are in the right step of the healing process or not.

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The suitable candidate for rhinoplasty wide nose

The suitable candidate for rhinoplasty wide nose

Best candidates who have big, long, or wide nostrils. People with this condition achieve satisfying results surely. but it is too important people to be mature, in terms of physically for doing a nose job wide nose.  Because this procedure only provides the best result when the facial parts have grown up, hence surgeons suggest this method, to patients be 16 years at least. Also, surgeons have to make sure asymmetry in the nose is not due to body dysmorphic disorder.

Nose-wide rhinoplasty helps patients who are unsatisfied with previous rhinoplasty or have damage traumatic.

People interested undergo with this technique should be in mental and physical situations good and should not be addicted to cigarettes. 

Finally, candidates who have reasonable expectations about results are the best candidates. Patients should be aware of their condition and the maximum differences that can be created.

Disadvantages of rhinoplasty wide nose

Disadvantages of rhinoplasty wide nose

In spite of being less invasive surgery, there are still risks. Bleeding, infection, and complications related to anesthesia are common risks that exist potentially after any surgery. These complications are controllable with medication and post-operative aftercare. You should not be worried about them.

However, rhinoplasty is an efficient technique to improve structural and breathing problems but sometimes can lead to new breathing problems or intensify previous issues.

In some cases, patients complain after surgery they did not achieve what they expected. The outcome is very different from what they imagined. So it’s necessary to talk about what you expect with your surgeon to realize whether your expectation is accessible or not.

Preparing for Surgery

Talk to your doctor and inform them if you have any disease or take special medication.it is too important you have a general good situation. is considered specific instruction For patients that they have to follow it.

•Before surgery you should not take certain medications that increase the risk of bleeding

•Avoid drinking, smoking, and tobacco product

•Avoid the use of caffeine

Nose job nose wide results

Nose job nose wide results

with comparison, patients’ photos before and after can be concluded rhinoplasty wide nose can change the shape and size of the nose to provide acceptable results. For seeing the final result consider 1 year range time. During this time continue to meet your surgeon and take care of your nose.

If the surgeon you choose is skilled and experienced you will be surprised by what incredible change you see in the mirror every day.

How to choose the best surgeon?

The main factor that has an important role in plastic surgery is the experience and skill of the surgeon. Most patients before treatment are very nervous about rhinoplasty wide nose results. The only factor that can reduce worry, is the choice of a skilled surgeon.

To choose the best surgeon you should notice photos of before and after the wide nose rhinoplasty. many photos shared on social media and website shows the skill of the surgeon. It’s very common but if there were no photos ask them to send you photo’s previous patients. Read comments and talk to others, do not worry you do not bother them. Most patients do that before a nose job to know more about the doctor and procedure.

Also, you can find patients who had the same problem, and check their results of wide nose rhinoplasty. 

Do not let price be a determinative factor, when you decide to undergo a nose job you expose yourself to great risk so the outcome must be worth this risk. In addition to resume and experience surgeon factors such as location, procedure, and clinic equipment have a role in determining final cost.

When the goal is creating permanent changes and looking more attractive, forget save money. Think about what will happen if surgery with an affordable price can not lead to the desired shape or if your nose involves bad deformation.

It‘s up to you, to be honest, and describe what you want therefore discuss it with the surgeon, and show the ideal shape photo. During this period you should be a bit unflexible because it’s you who face good or bad nose job nose wide result every single day.

If you can not trust the surgeon or you are not ready still, hold on. Postpone the surgery to the right time, when you have found the proper surgeon.


The wide nose can be corrected with the less invasive method. Surgeons try to reduce complications and incisions. If you be precise in choosing the surgeon,  confident you had the right choice.

Rhinoplasty's wide nose makes a smaller wide nose with the least risk. This method compared to fillers has more effect. Fillers are not permanent and need to continue each year. But changes made by the surgery are indelible. This treatment gives you more confidence and saves more money and time. After choosing a suitable surgeon during a meeting discuss what you expect and make sure this method will help you.

Rhinoplasty in Iran is performed by the best surgeons. If you have the decision to do that consult with  Iranian surgeons who well- known around the world for skill and experience.

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Of course Not. Nose job, these days, is one of the most trouble-free surgeries, particularly for prolific Iranian surgeons that normally perform 50-100 operation during a month.
As a matter of fact, it depends on the surgical technique that the doctor applies subject to your nose type (fleshy or bony). .However, the surgery typically takes approximately 1-2 hours
First of all, you will not feel any pain during the operation because general anaesthesia would be administered. Secondly, the pain experienced after the surgery when regaining consciousness may be different for each individual which mostly relies on one’s pain tolerance threshold and the surgery method you underwent (close or open). Yet there’s no need to worry, as you will be provided with proper medication prescribed by the doctor to ease your post-operative pain
Generally, the majority of the nose swelling should begin to subside within 3 days and you can resume normal activities slowly. Most people can get back to work after 1-2 weeks, depending on the type of work. Nevertheless, don’t forget to consult with your doctor if you are going to do vigorous activities or sports such as lifting, pushing, etc
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